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In-Clinic Insemination 

At InSEM you have the option to have the insemination procedure done at our clinic. We offer you a relaxed and private environment during the time of the In-Clinic Insemination. We also welcome partners to attend the procedure.

The Intrauterine Insemination procedure itself is usually painless and quick. One of our experienced fertility nurses will perform the insemination.

We offer a free-of-charge initial fertility nurse consultation with our dedicated and highly qualified fertility team.

At the beginning of the procedure, you will lie down as you would for a pelvic exam. The sperm sample will be prepared and a speculum will be gently inserted into the vagina (via the cervix). A tiny catheter and syringe are used to place the sperm all the way into the uterine cavity (bypassing the cervix) and get it closer to the fallopian tubes. This shorter journey makes it much more likely the sperm will reach its target; the entire procedure takes a few minutes and is pain-free.

For an IUI procedure, the sperm is washed to separate out any non-mobile sperm, maintaining only the strongest and best (live and motile).

Following the procedure, you will be instructed to lie down for approximately 20 minutes, allowing the sperm to start to travel up your fallopian tubes. This is where fertilisation should take place as the sperm comes into contact with your egg.

Once the procedure finishes you can resume your normal everyday activities.

About two weeks following the Intrauterine Insemination, you should take a pregnancy test as instructed by your doctor or our nursing team. Our nurses will take care of you during those two weeks as you wait for your pregnancy test.

To learn more about the process, visit our IUI page.


Advantages of In-Clinic Insemination

  • Your procedure will be performed by our dedicated and experienced team of doctors and nurses
  • Great success rates
  • Private and relaxing environment
  • Convenient and central location
  • We are proud to support LGBTI+ families, offering safe space to all our patients.


Is In-Clinic Insemination right for you?

Before a decision is made about whether or not IUI is right for you, your specialised team of nurses and doctors will review your medical history and perform standard testing prior to treatment. This involves routine prenatal testing (blood check-up) and if you have a partner, a semen assessment to check the sperm.

Whether you have a partner or are single, at InSEM we are here to help. We will work with you and your goals to grow your family. Our expert team will provide you with all the support you need and guide you every step of the way.

InSEM is an initiative of City Fertility. City Fertility provides seamless care across the full fertility spectrum while ensuring the best possible chances of conception for their patients through our rigorous protocols and actively taking part in research projects and science-based treatments.

Nurse talking to young woman at IUI clinic

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