About Addam Donor Bank

One of the first things a prospective parent undergoing fertility treatment may need to do is choose a sperm donor. To assist you in this process, our parent company, City Fertility, has launched Addam Donor Bank.

Addam Donor Bank was created with the sole purpose of helping couples and individuals wanting a family by providing access to a diverse range of sperm donors whilst making the process as easy as possible.

As Australia’s leading donor sperm bank, Addam offers an easy-to-use selection tool to help you find your ideal donor based on the attributes that are most important to you.

This free donor search functionality is the first available in Australia for clinic-recruited donors, making it simple to find a match, either online or via mobile app.

Addam has a large and diverse range of donors with a variety of characteristics, ethnicities and backgrounds for you to choose from. With Addam, there is “no waiting time”, so you can get started on your journey towards parenthood sooner.

For more information, visit addamdonorbank.com.au or download the Addam app.


The Addam Donor Bank App

The Addam Donor Bank App is available in both the App Store and on Google Play Store. This free mobile app simplifies the process of selecting a sperm donor by making it a unique and personalised experience for you.

From the Addam app, you will get access to one of Australia’s largest sperm donor database, with donors recruited from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds.

The key features of this app include:

  • Filtering donors by your selected criteria
  • Save your preferred donors under your Matches tab
  • E-learning portal where you can learn more on how to become a sperm donor recipient

To learn more about on how to find the right donor, visit our Finding a Sperm Donor page.


Benefits of choosing a clinic-recruited donor using the Addam Donor Bank App

There are many benefits of using a clinic-recruited sperm donor recruited through our network of fertility clinics. These benefits include:

  • knowing that the donor has undertaken counselling and understands the implications and legalities of being a donor, including no legal rights to the child;
  • that the quality of the sperm has been checked;
  • that thorough medical screenings has been completed to exclude any transmittable or genetic diseases;
  • a three-month quarantine period for the sperm donation is enforced which is followed by a further medical screening of the donor;
  • and a limit is placed on the number of offspring that result from each donor.

For more information visit addamdonorbank.com.au.


Addam Donor Bank App - Sperm Bank

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