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What is Home Insemination?

Home insemination is a method of attempting to conceive in the privacy of your own home using a needleless syringe to place the sperm on and near the cervix.

At InSEM, the home insemination process involves the use of sperm that is either fresh (from a partner) or frozen (from a partner or a donor) which is specially prepared in our laboratory to maximise quality and concentration of the sperm cells.

Preparing the sperm involves separating the sperm from the seminal fluid and isolating the best sperm in terms of their shape and ability to swim.

At-home insemination is a popular alternative to other fertility treatment options because is affordable and allows you to do the insemination in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

For many people, being at home in familiar surroundings is key to being able to relax and feel in control.  At InSEM, we offer you the option to do the insemination procedure at home with our InSEM Kit.

Many couples and individuals choose to make this a starting point in their fertility journey, and many do find success.

For those who want to start their journey to parenting in the comfort of their own home, artificial insemination at home is a great alternative.

At InSEM, we offer a free-of-charge initial fertility nurse consultation with our dedicated and highly qualified fertility team.

If you are ready to take this step, you can book your appointment with us today.


How to perform At-Home Insemination?

If you are considering home insemination, our InSEM Kit is the perfect solution for you. The InSEM Kit is designed to be comfortable and easy to use in the privacy of your own home.

Performing insemination at home is actually really simple and everything you need is provided in your InSEM Kit.

To make it easy, we have created a simple step-by-step guide, including helpful tips to maximise your chances of success. Download your step-by-step guide. 

Insemination at home can be done at your own pace, either alone or with the help of a partner or a support person. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous about such an unfamiliar process, but being in the privacy of your own home can help ease the stress.

We know the range of emotions that our patients can experience as part of their family-building journey. We understand the hopes, the heartaches, the exciting/all-time highs and the challenging/all-time lows. We are on this journey together and our team will be with you every step of the way to give you the best of achieving your dreams of having a baby.


Advantages of At-Home Insemination

  • The procedure is done in the comfort of your own home. You can have a more intimate experience with your partner (if applicable) in a private setting. Having privacy also lessens the pressure and anxiety you may feel in a doctor’s office or in a clinic.
  • Freedom to manage your own time. There is no need to take time off work or re-schedule any other priorities you may have during the day. It is a great option if you are looking for flexibility.
  • Quick and easy. All you need to do is follow the simple steps provided in your InSEM Kit.

For more information, please visit our page The InSEM Kit.


Is Home Insemination right for you?

Before a decision is made about whether or not home insemination is right for you, your specialised team of nurses and doctors will review your medical history and perform standard testing prior to treatment. This involves routine prenatal testing (blood check-up) and if you have a partner, a semen assessment to check the sperm.

Whether you have a partner or are single, at InSEM we are here to help. We will work with you and your goals to grow your family. Our expert team will provide you with all the support you need and guide you every step of the way.


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