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Finding a sperm donor

One of the first things a prospective parent undergoing fertility treatment may need to do is choose a sperm donor. To help individuals or couples in their attempt to become parents, InSEM operates a comprehensive sperm program.

It may seem like a fairly simple process; however, the decision to create a family using donor sperm will have a significant impact on everyone involved (including the recipient, the donor and the child who is born as a result of the donation).

Sperm donors are classified as either “known” or “unknown”.


Known sperm donor

If the recipient already has an existing relationship with the donor, this is called a known donation. Usually a friend or family member, known donors have an existing relationship with the recipient and their donated sperm will only be used by them.


Unknown (clinic-recruited) sperm donor

When a donor makes the decision to provide sperm to an individual or a couple not known to them, this is known as a clinic-recruited sperm donation. In this situation, the recipient has never met the donor, and the donor has the choice to remain unknown to the recipient. When a child is conceived this way, they will be able to access identifying information about the donor when they reach 18, or acquired sufficient maturity to appreciate the significance of the request (NHMRC 2017).


Finding and choosing clinic-recruited donor sperm

To help couples and individuals find their ideal donor, InSEM in partnership with City Fertility has launched Addam Donor Bank.

Addam Donor Bank is Australia’s leading donor sperm bank which was created with the sole purpose of helping couples and individuals who require donor sperm to fulfil their dreams of parenthood. With a large range of donors to choose from, Addam allows users to find their ideal donor in the privacy and convenience of their own home in three simple steps – search, match and request.

To learn more, visit our Addam Donor Bank page.

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